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  • REWI Funding Clinic
    Sat, Feb 04
    Feb 04, 11:00 AM EST – Feb 11, 4:00 PM EST
    Start.. Grow... Scale... Active Professional Program: Local Resources, Access to Funding Platform. RE Comprehensive Fundamentals Module and Much More
  • Real Estate Wealth Institute Tax Lien & Tax Deed Academy
    Feb 18, 10:00 AM EST – Feb 26, 3:00 PM EST
    Online Event
    Four Day Session, will be a VERY comprehensive break down on how to invest and make serious money in the Tax Lien & Tax Deed, The Session will cover nuts & bolts of the How to Invest in the US and Canada. Will also include a how to make money in Overage Industry, Land Flipping and many other aspects


Glass Buildings

Monday Night
Real Estate Investment
Monday,January 30th, 2023
835pm Est
Real Estate Investment Networking Series: Creating Assets is the KEY, this series goes into details How to Buy, Develop, Invest, Manage Real Estate Assets and Grow Passive Income through Real Estate

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