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Malik Mayweather
Superior Realty Group
VIP Real Estate Broker- Fort Lauderdale


Malik Mayweather



Services offered:
Residential Real Estate, Multi-Family 21+Units & Business Broker

Years in Business: 16

Malik Mayweather is a former University of Miami Hurricane FootballPlayer. He obtained both a bachelor degree and master of health administration degree from the institution.
He has an extensive background in Fitness, Healthcare and Media prior to becoming a realtor & investor leaving him well connected over the last decade in South Florida. His goal is to continue to create and be a part of deals that propel organizations and individuals’ lives. Malik is an Agent for Superior Realty Group serving Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County but the brokerage has offices and realtors in Tallahassee and Orlando as well.

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Malik Mayweather is a REWI VIP Real Estate Broker who provides Residential Real Estate Brokers Services in Fort Lauderdale- South Miami, FL area.


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Malik Mayweather

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