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APRIL 2021

Cindy, Philadelphia, PA

I usually hesitate to take many other real estate courses because they usually provide little content. This Tax Lien/Tax Deed course provided so much great information.  This course provided answers to my questions without my need to ask the question. There were so many useful tips and guidance into a field that I am not familiar. The course is a great value for it's price

Valerie, Upper Marlboro, MD

The information was very helpful and gave more than an overview of the subject matter. I also liked the examples and scenarios provided for each segment. The fact that  (the course) covered all of the topics is amazing in itself!! Great job! 

I can honestly say that I now understand what is required to get this business going and be lucrative in it!!

Roslee, Los Angeles, CA

Very informative, The hosts are very experienced In the Real Estate field. And they had no problem answering my every questions. And I enjoyed the training very much.

Looking forward to building a new life. And generational wealth. Let's do this.



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Reviews are based on Paid Attendees of the Real Estate Wealth Institute Tax Lien & Tax Deed Academy, April 2021 Sessions.

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